Spirit Squad

The 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games is looking for children of all ages who are interested in being part of a Spirit Squad. Participants in the Spirit Squad will be assisting for creating excitement, pep rally style, at events leading up to the AWG 2018 and events during the week of the Games.

The intention of the Spirit Squad is to build up excitement for the Games, have our Squad be at certain events that hype up the crowd, welcome guests, join Kechi (our mascot), and any other prep rally events that may come about during the course of the next 6 months. We also plan on using our Spirit Squad kids during the week of the Games to welcome Athletes and Delegates as they arrive at the airport.

Should your child be interested in taking part of the Spirit Squad, please send us an email and we will get them registered. You will then receive a email that will indicate when and where the Spirit Squad members will be needed next.

For more information contact Paula Gour, Outreach Coordinator - paula@awg2018.org or Rayna Hayes, Spirit Squad Chair - spiritsquad@awg2018.org

Fun times with Kechi & the Spirit Squad!