Cultural Delegate Program - Each contingent will be bringing Cultural Delegates that will showcase talents from the 9 participating contingents. The Cultural Delegate Program will be based in Fort Smith and will include daily community performances. 

The delegate program also holds a special Gala Event, taking place on Friday March 23 at the Catholic Cathedral. 

Ceremonies -  Will be showcasing some northern talent, a group of local Dene Drummers will open with a prayer song. The JBT Jiggers from Fort Smith will be performing. Johnny Landry, an aboriginal singer and song writer will be performing at the closing ceremonies. 

2018 Arctic Winter Games Marketplace will be held at the Chief Sunrise Gym at K'atl'odeechee First Nations in Hay River.

Workshops will be held in each community. We have 4 different workshops in the plans right now. 1. Fish scale art.  2. Oopik- Inuit toy owl.  3. Underwater Acrylic Painting  4. Felted Soap Making. 

Exhibits - Each community will have exhibits displayed throughout the week. We will have an Alaskan exhibit that has memorabilia from past AWG. We will also have a traditional doll exhibit showcasing dolls brought in from each participating contingent.