South Slave region students taking up the AWG challenge!

Hay River and Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, February 12, 2018—Can you play an Arctic Winter Game; say hello in Chip, Cree and French; or name the flags of the participating contingents in the 2018 Arctic Winter Games (AWG)? These are just a few of the challenges South Slave’s elementary and high school students are rising to as part of the AWG’s outreach program.

Since early February, the outreach program is available to all South Slave schools and will continue to engage students until the Games’ official start date on March 18. Students are tested on their knowledge of the 2018 AWG and encouraged to engage in sports demonstrations. The program includes workshops so students can learn how to play futsol, table tennis, basketball and even the Dene games. The AWG mascot Kechi is also teaching students how to do the Kechi Dance and—if they’re lucky—they may even see her engage in a friendly competition with the local school’s mascot.

“It is great standing in front of the kids; it gives them the opportunity to ask questions about the Games, getting them engaged and making them feel being part of it”, said Paula Gour, Outreach Coordinator for the 2018 Arctic Winter Games. “It empowers them as much as us. We’re creating a movement, getting ready for the Games, and Finding our Power”.

Students are also encouraged to test their knowledge of the AWG after the visit. Before Kechi and the outreach program team leaves, each participant receives a passport with a choice of more than 30 activities to complete. Every student that completes at least 20 activities can bring their passport to the AWG office in Hay River or Fort Smith by March 12 to be entered in a draw. Winners will receive one of nine full uniforms from each participating contingent.

The program’s activities are a great way to prepare for the Games with your family and friends! Are you up for the challenge?