Town of Fort Smith

We are excited to welcome you to Fort Smith. 

We hope to capture your imagination and adventurous spirit! The traditional name for the region is Thebacha, “The place beside the rapids”. It’s home to big waters like the Slave River and its powerful rapids. We also have big wildlife like the herds of bison that sometimes block the road, and we love big wilderness landscapes including Wood Buffalo National Park. We are especially proud of the big-hearted people that will welcome you and share in their knowledge and stories.

We hope you enjoy your stay and take in all the sites and events!

Here are a few places you won’t want to miss:

  1. Wood Buffalo National Park – Canada’s largest park, and the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve. Explore the wild northern landscape where the aurora dance and bison roam free. The Visitor Information Centre, located in the centre of town, is a great resource for all events and activities.
  2. Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre – Looking for local art? This is the place to be! The museum will be hosting regular art workshops during the week of March 18-24, 2018. If you prefer buying art instead of making it, the museum gift shop is stocked with local and northern made items. After your art adventures you can wander the galleries to view the new exhibit featuring the Arctic Winter Games and its history, as well as permanent displays on the stories and culture of the local people.
  3. Spa Time! Looking to relax? Find one of Fort Smith’s excellent massage therapists who will be happy to relieve your tense muscles after a day of competition, stressful coaching or long travel. The Fort Smith Recreation Centre also has a pool, hot tub and steam room to calm tired muscles. Check here for a listing of massage therapists: Fort Smith Health Services
  4. Need a Coffee? We have many options. The locally owned Rusty Raven Gallery & Gift is a sweet spot to grab a coffee or tea made to your liking. You can also find a wide variety of locally made gifts and souvenirs, some fresh baked treats and home-made soup. Speaking of home made, Anna’s Home Cooking will whip up coffee, tea, smoothies or freshly made juice combinations for you. They have a great menu that features a long list of home made goodness. Not to be missed is the classic Canadian coffee shop, Tim Horton’s. Famous for its double-double coffee (two creams, two sugars; it’s a Canadian thing), as well as a great selection of donuts and pastries. Fort Smith Food and Restaurant listings.
  5. Stargazing in the largest Dark Sky Preserve. Seek out a few peaceful moments to look up at the stars either in Wood Buffalo National Park or at Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Observatory station. Either way you are sure to get the grandest views of the night sky! For more information about the Fort Smith night sky visit: Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Astronomical Society
  6. Check out all our favourite sporting venues while cheering on athletes in the following sports: Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Curling, Basketball, Figure Skating, Hockey, Speed Skating, Arctic Sports and Table Tennis.

Town of Fort Smith line: (867) 872-3065
Wood Buffalo National Park line: (867) 872-7905
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