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The 2018 Arctic Winter Games will be held jointly between Hay River and Fort Smith.

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Hay River - The Hub of the North

So you've decided this is the year to answer the lure of the North and now you're in Hay River, the 'Hub of the North' and the best possible spot to make your base for excursions into this part of the Northwest Territories.

Hay River is the ancestral home of the Slavey people developed from a seasonal fishing camp on the banks of Great Slave Lake. Hay Riverites continue the tradition of the Slavey as welcoming and friendly people eager to share with visitors the adventures and warmth of their community. 

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Fort Smith - Unexpected. Unforgettable 

A trip to Fort Smith is one steeped in history, beauty and adventure. Our rapids along the Slave River are world class, our Dark Sky Preserve is the largest on Earth and Wood Buffalo National Park is thriving with unique wildlife, such as the protected and majestic whooping crane.

Enjoy your favourite activities, whether it's summer and you want to paddle, swim, fish or hike; or winter to ski, snowshoe, play a game of hockey or curling! Or try something new in our unforgettable landscape. Fort Smith is yours to discover, any time of the year.

Town of Fort Smith line: (867) 872-3065
Wood Buffalo National Park line: (867) 872-7905
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